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Analysis on JMS and Conventional Recoveries

In business where the bottom-line matters, why resort to spending vast funds on litigation with slim success rate and prolonged process with several visits to legal offices and the courts/arbitration centres?


  • Professional collection methods
  • Efficient process
  • Technologically advanced wireless payment
  • Proven recovery records
  • Competitive pricing
  • Confidentiality assurance for all parties
  • Tactful practice for overseas assignment
  • Investigation on Debtor's credibility
  • Call Loggers and Tracking tools
  • Filtering ability for important field information
  • Online status reports for clients, Accessible 24/7

Conventional Model:

  • Professional avenue
  • Time consuming and additional costs for filing court documents/service
  • Low recovery rate
  • High pricing structure
  • Inability of gathering/receiving intelligence on debtor’s ability to repay