AffliatesFranchise Opportunity

JMS ROGERS® is offering franchise opportunities. Partner with the number 1 debt collection services entity and you will benefit from our well established brand identity and customer base.

We will also offer you the best training for your staff, support and tools required to launch and start your own business. You will become well-recognized and be able to expand your potential, generate clients and cash flow easily by capitalizing on JMS ROGERS®' years of experience and brand name.

Most importantly, ongoing support and guidance will be always be provided and you can be reassured that we will be standing behind you 100%.

JMS ROGERS® model for success

Professional collection methods

Efficient process

Technologically advanced wireless payment

Proven recovery records

Competitive pricing

Confidentiality assurance for all parties

Tactful practice for overseas assignment

Investigation on Debtor’s credibility

Call Loggers and Tracking tools

Filtering ability for important field information

Online status reports for clients, Accessible 24/7

You will increase your chances of success by following our proven methods and models.

For more information, contact us at or through our online form here.